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Since 2017, Bayan has been offering unique faculty-led tours to world heritage destinations such as Uzbekistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Holy Land, Southern Spain, and Malaysia. Each year, we offer high-quality curated excursions to these and other destinations to satisfy the interests of our diverse community of fellow travelers.



Tours offered by Bayan cater to the varied interests and needs of families, while offering an exceptional educational and cultural program. Each tour is led by one or more faculty members who provide daily background lectures and insights about the historical and contemporary contexts. Local guides are utilized as needed. The itinerary for each excursion is crafted by experienced personnel to maximize your enjoyment and satisfaction. While the scheduled program is robust, ample time is provided to explore on your own, shop for local handicrafts and souvenirs, and enjoy some leisure activities. Bayan’s tour group size is generally kept to around 30 participants.

Find out when our next tours to these and other destinations will be scheduled.

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